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MusicBee can help you manage and play music files
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MusicBe MusicBee helps you manage and play music files. The application has a nice interface characterized by being highly customizable. In this respect, you can not only switch between the available views (full, mini player, and compact) but also change skins, add new tabs, and modify panel layout.

The tool supports importing and playing multiple audio formats as well as ripping audio CDs. Listening to the audio tracks of video files is also possible. Moreover, it can automatically organize your music based on file tags. Similarly, it lets you edit tags and attach metadata to the files, which includes downloading artwork. In order to avoid wasting disk space, the tool has a duplicates manager. Moreover, it can convert between audio formats, although only a few extensions are supported.

This player makes listening to music an enjoyable experience. For this purpose, there’s an equalizer with multiple presets to choose from, which also allows normalizing volume. Besides, it can mix a stereo recording to 5.1 surround. And if this isn’t enough for you, the tool supports installing WinAmp plugins.

Besides importing music from your iTunes music collection, this player can also synchronize your library with most external devices. And most importantly, in order to avoid compatibility problems, it can transcode audio files to formats supported by specific devices. Finally, it can also play streaming Internet contents.

In general, MusicBee is a nice music player packed with a lot of useful features. However, they’re not enough for me to decide to adopt it as my favorite jukebox. Personally, I prefer general-purpose media players that can play not only music but video as well; and fortunately, there are many of them out there.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s easy to use.
  • It has a very customizable interface.
  • It can transcode files to devices.
  • It supports WinAmp plugins.
  • It can play streaming video.
  • It can strip audio CDs


  • It can’t play video
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